We are experts in accelerating growth, building long-lasting businesses, and helping our partner companies to grow

Hands on portfolio development

Our high-tempo, highly experienced team prides itself on taking a collaborative approach to backing breakthrough companies and entrepreneurs, and has a proven track record of delivering results. We help our portfolio companies to move faster and burn less money on their journey, providing them with strategic and operational level support. 

Our values-driven team

Alexander Chikunov

Managing Partner at Sova VC, Alex Chikunov has a track record spanning 10 years as a VC investor, corporate finance professional and entrepreneur, having worked on a range of venture deals and exits involving companies such as Airsorted (Houst), Homewings, Hubble and SimplyCook. Prior to joining Sova to establish Sova VC, Alex completed a number of transactions with Maxfield Capital, building a portfolio of disruptive technology companies between 2016 and 2019. Alex has extensive hands-on experience as an entrepreneur as well as VC investor, having been part of the founding team of crowd investment platforms such as StartTrack LLC. A regular Forbes contributor and economics and investment management graduate with a Masters degree in economics, Alex is passionate about helping entrepreneurs with great ideas bring their concepts to the next level and is involved in a number of accelerator and mentoring programmes. Alex is a passionate mountain skier.

Alexey Bulygin
In his role of senior analyst, Alexey is passionate about identifying the most exciting early stage companies and entrepreneurs and working with them to realize their ambitions. Alexey started his career as junior analyst at Equity & Debt Crowdfunding platform StartTrack. Prior to joining Sova, Alexey was an investment & financial analyst and due diligence professional within one of the largest EU family offices and consulting firm focused on sovereign technological development. An economics graduate with an expertise in financial markets, Alexey is curious about tech and also a passionate drummer.
Luke Burdess

An experienced Business Development professional with over twenty years’ experience working with alternative strategies and institutional investors.

Irina Dubrovina

As an operations associate, Irina’s main role is to support Sova VC’s operations, and on building and streamlining business processes. Prior to joining Sova VC, Irina was an finance specialist, maintaining bookkeeping and improving internal processes for global companies such as Uber and Yandex. She began her career at PwC in Global Compliance. A corporate finance graduate with a degree in economics, Irina also holds a degree in journalism. She is keen on tennis and a passionate flute player.

Kirill Bobkov

Providing legal advice on transactional and corporate matters and ongoing legal support to Sova VC, Kirill contributes to soundness and flawlessness of Sova VC business from legal perspective. Kirill is an Associate member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI). Passionate about modern art and supports young artists.